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Sunset Kayak

Welcome to
Epoch Adventures

Explore the beauty of nature on a kayak adventure. Discover hidden gems and experience unforgettable moments.

About Us
Who is behind the Epoch Adventures name? That would be none other than Shawn Standifer. Shawn spent his childhood growing up by the lake with his bike, a fishing pole and his twin brother. He was fortunate enough to have an adventurous grandmother that traveled with them up and down the shores of Florida to the mountains of Colorado. Later in life, Shawn moved his family to Colorado to seek adventure. Fishing has always been a passion and fulfilled his outdoor calling. Now living in the upstate of South Carolina, Shawn has learned the importance of having a premium kayak and pedal drive system when fishing one of the many upstate lakes. He loves taking his kayaks to the East Coast to fish channels and bays and sharing his adventures with his own kids. 

Let Shawn help you find the perfect kayak to suit your needs and abilities! We offer a wide range of kayaks, from recreational to fishing, and everything in between.

Lake at Dusk
Kayak Options

Choose Your Adventure

At Epoch Adventures, we believe that kayaking should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer a range of kayak options to suit all needs and budgets.


Ideal for Beginners

Our recreational kayaks are perfect for those new to kayaking. They are stable, easy to maneuver and provide a comfortable ride. They're ideal for exploring calm lakes and slow-moving rivers.


For the Avid Angler

Our fishing kayaks are designed with the angler in mind. They are stable, have plenty of storage space, and are equipped with fishing rod holders. They're perfect for exploring fishing spots that are inaccessible by boat.


For the Experienced Kayaker

Our touring kayaks are designed for more experienced kayakers. They are long, narrow and fast, making them perfect for covering long distances. They're ideal for exploring the open sea and fast-moving rivers.

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